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General Information

There is no bad weather, just bad clothes,” say the Swedes.

Sizing and fitting:

Experience and research has taught us that a child’s height is the best guide when deciding which size to buy. Our sizing is based on a child’s height in centimetres so, for instance, 100cm is designed to fit girls and boys approximately 100cm tall, measured from top of head to toe.

As a reviewer on the well-respected website www.gearweare.com noted in a glowing review of our Snowflake Baby Snow Suit, “The suit (and indeed the rest of the range) is sold in your child’s height rather than age, which seems incredibly sensible to me. Kids, as adults, do not come in age/size ranges so I liked this feature. So just get your toddler to stand still (!) and measure them top to toe in centimetres.” Exactly!

When buying outdoor clothing for kids, it is often best to choose a bigger size in case an extra layer is needed (as well as fitting for longer!). Please note that our P.U. rainwear is already generously sized.

If you any queries about sizing, please contact our Customer Service Department on +44 (0)1302 746685 or email us at info@kozikidz.co.uk. Don’t forget you can also talk to us via Facebook and Twitter. We love to hear your stories about having fun outdoors.


Kozi Kidz Size Chart

The table below provides a rough guide to height/age group.

68cm 6 - 9months
74cm 9 -12 months
80cm 12 - 18 months
90cm 18 months - 2 years
100cm 3 - 4 years
110cm 4 - 5 years
120cm 5 - 6 years
130cm 7 - 8 years
140cm 9 - 10 years
150cm 11 - 12 years

Small, medium or large?

For items which come in small, medium or large please use the following guidelines:

Small 1 – 3 years
Medium 4 - 6 years
Large 7 - 10 years

Early Years Size Guide

Small 1 – 2 years
Medium 2 - 3 years
Large 3 - 4 years

Wigwam size chart

Sock size Fits UK Shoe Size Fits EU Shoe size
YS 4-7 Jnr 22-25
YM 7-10 Jnr 25-28
YL 10 Jnr - 3 28-38
YX 3-5 1/2  32-38



Care and Cleaning

Washing instructions are included on all of our garments. Unless otherwise stated on the label, our clothes are machine washable at 40C. Please avoid the use of fabric softener on waterproof garments as it will destroy their waterproof properties.

Over time, repeated washing will eventually affect water-repellency but this can be restored by the use of proprietary treatments for cleaning and reproofing from reputable brands such as Nikwax, Storm and Granger’s.



Flexible protection: the Kozi Kidz guide to layering

At times, it feels that children can get cold in an instant or, indeed, boil up quickly when racing about wrapped up against winter chills. Flexibility is key in adjusting clothes to suit the weather and outdoor activities with layering the answer for comfort.

Comfort isn’t just about not being itchy next to the skin but in staying warm in a bitter wind and dry even when racing around. In other words, dressing in layers that protect children from the elements – wind, rain and snow – as well as offering insulation against the cold and being able to move moisture from the skin through the layers to disperse into the atmosphere.

These are referred to usually as base, mid and outer layers. Being able to adjust these layers easily allows children to make the most of life outdoors. Zips make quick ventilation easy.



Worn next to the body, the fabrics may be soft synthetic polyester or the increasingly popular Merino wool. Soft, supple and non-itchy, they can add warmth and move moisture to avoid a clammy, cold skin.


Over the base layer is an insulating layer that works by trapping warmed, still air as a barrier to penetration by the cold. Versatile polyester fleece is light, warm, machine washable and very cosy! Varying thicknesses, from micro fleece to 300g Softpile, and a number of layers can be worn to suit a wide range of conditions and activities. Jackets, over-the-head designs and gilets offer a variety of options worn on their own or in combination. Fleece garments with a windproof membrane cut down wind chill when worn on their own.


This is the first line of protection against wind, rain and snow ensuring that children can hop, skip, jump and run happily whatever the elements hurl at them. Lightweight synthetic insulation in many of our outer garments means cold winds, snow and low temperatures need never stop play outdoors. ‘Soft shell’ outer garments extend versatility, being windproof, highly breathable and shower resistant, but are not totally waterproof.

Base + Mid + Outer = Comfort for kids in all weathers!


Head, hands and feet

Cold ears, fingers and feet can make anybody miserable but we have the solution! Hats, gloves, mitts and socks complete the comfort line-up by keeping extremities warm and are easily stuffed into pockets when not needed. The extremities, that is!


There’s more to staying dry in wet weather than meets the eye. The foundation of our success lies in supplying award-winning polyurethane (PU) coated outer wear garments that deliver the performance parents expect with the designs children love. Manufactured using phthalate-free polyester fabric with a PU coating, the strong, welded seams seal out the weather.

High energy activity over longer time scales demands the more technical rainwear offered by our Norfolk Range that allows excess body moisture vapour to escape through the waterproof, breathable fabric with fully taped seams. Oxford nylon reinforcement at the stress points of trouser seats and knees make them ideal for the rough and tumble of outdoor activities and the demands of Forest Schools.

Hydrostatic head

As a means of measuring waterproof qualities, the height of a measure of water that a fabric will resist letting through is a useful way to compare performance. All our waterproof clothing is 100% waterproof from a core level of 3000mm hydrostatic head. We increase the hydrostatic head level where appropriate.

Bionic Finish

Growing concern about the use of non-degradable chemicals in durable water repellency treatments prompted us to seek out an acceptable alternative. Bionic-Finish Rudolf is a state-of-the-art technology solution for permanent reliable rain, snow and soil repellency on garments.

Designed as an invisible film, it complements the properties of fibres, such as breathability and perspiration absorption, which are extended by the most important property in the outdoor domain - water repellency. Looks and wearability remain unchanged. Plus, outdoor garments with the Bionic-Finish Rudolf do not soil as quickly and require less care compared to non-finished textiles.



Merino Wool

Soft, durable, warm wool comes from Merino sheep bred specially to produce premium quality fleeces rather than meat. Originally from Spain, the breed is now found around the world. Merino sheep are smaller than other breeds and are shorn more regularly to produce fine fleeces for spinning. Its versatility and superb performance in wicking away moisture, its warmth and breathability has made it an international winner.

Key benefits include:

  • Soft and smooth next to the body; ideal for sensitive skin
  • High insulation value
  • High rate of moisture transmission away from the skin
  • Natural elasticity
  • Naturally wrinkle-resistant
  • Easy care