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Posted by in Advice, General News on Jan 15, 2018 .

Enjoy nature and concentrate better

Can being in nature help children learn? A new study suggests it can.

Back in 2005, before the iphone had reached the market, Richard Louv wrote the book ‘Last Child in the Woods’. In it he argued that children were becoming increasingly distanced from nature, and that this was bad not only for their well-being, but also for the future of the planet. He reasoned children who don’t care about the environment are less likely to look after it as adults. Since the smartphone and social media boom that followed, there’s every possibility that our connection with nature is even weaker. 


New Year’s a time many of us look at our habits and try to shake things up a bit, especially after the excesses of Christmas. 

The plastic waste crisis has been in the news again recently too. A million plastic bottles are bought all over the world every minute - and with inadequate processing and recycling facilities, those plastics are ending up in landfill or polluting the oceans. And plastics can form a big part of our lunch habits. 

Getting out and about with little ones in the colder months also calls for regular refuelling stops to keep energy levels up. And it’s back to school and work routines. 

So, all things...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Jan 05, 2018 .
52 free ideas to get you outside
January! The time of year for resolutions, goal-setting and general life improvement. The trouble is, despite knowing our resolutions are good for us, research suggests 80% have failed by February. Sticking to new habits is hard. 
When it comes to being outdoors with your kids more, the evidence is clear. Being outside is good for all of us: it improves our mental wellbeing, our physical health, our connection with nature and our creativity. 
But often, busy lives mean that outdoor time falls to the bottom of the pile, especially when the weather is looking grotty. 
So we...

Posted by in General News on Dec 19, 2017 .

Make your own Christmas wreath


Wreaths have been around for millennia. They’re a symbol from Roman times with evergreens used to represent life preservation, health and bounty. Wreaths became co-opted into Christian traditions to represent everlasting life and are now one of the stalwarts of Christmas décor.


Hanging a wreath on the door is thought to encourage the spirit of goodwill – and whatever your faith, that seems like a good idea!


Making your own wreath is a fabulously environmentally-friendly way to decorate for the season during these times of high consumption. It’s a chance to walk together and...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Dec 11, 2017 .

Feed the birds!


At this time of year food is scarce for birds, especially when the ground is frozen. Taking the time to leave out bird-friendly supplies will help them survive these tougher months.


Helping children care for birds is a great way to get them involved in the nature on their doorstep. And making bird feeders themselves strengthens that connection even further.


So we’ve got a couple of ideas for easy, cheap birdfeeders you can make using supplies from the garden and kitchen. And if you’re struggling for what gifts to give over Christmas, Hanukkah or any other winter celebrations, these make...

Posted by in General News on Dec 07, 2017 .

The Wonders of Mountains


11th December is International Mountain Day! The United Nations launched the annual event in 2003 to highlight the importance of mountains to the environment, economy and cultural diversity across the world.


A mountain is defined as a landmass that’s about 600m high. While their height makes it a little treacherous to embark on mountain climbing with kids over winter, it’s worth remembering their value to us all. And get planning for when the weather is more clement!


So here are some mountain facts to get us yearning for the summit, and some tips for an enjoyable mountain hike with...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Dec 01, 2017 .

Be like a bird this winter


Have you seen birds sitting all puffed up in the colder months? This is their winter wardrobe. Those fluffed up feathers trap air. and these air pockets keep their bodies warm. They have another trick too. Their feathers are covered in a protective oil that provides further insulation and waterproofing, so they can withstand the wind and rain.


The birds have got it sussed for colder weather. Our poor, furless and featherless bodies have not. But we can copy the birds’ insulation and waterproofing techniques using layers.


At Kozi Kidz we’re big fans of layers. As the deep-freeze sets...

Posted by in on Nov 24, 2017 .

Natural Christmas Card Craft Ideas

We know it’s still only November, but Christmas cards have been in the news recently!

Blue Planet II has fascinated the UK over the past few weeks, with their cutting-edge technology giving us new insight into hidden ecosystems and rarely-seen species. And if there’s one big message to the series, it’s the devastating impact of plastic on the environment, particularly on oceans and marine life.

Prompted by the call to reduce our plastic consumption and the upcoming sparkly Christmas season, Tops Days nurseries in southern England have banned the use of glitter on their sites.  Like Kozi...