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4 ways being outside can help with stress


14-20 May is national Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and this year the focus is on stress. Stress can affect us at any age, including in childhood.


Stress is an emotional and physical response to feeling overwhelmed. Some stress is good for us – it’s a signal to act and get going. Stress was a lifesaver in the days of sabre-toothed tigers! The problems arise when we experience stress out of proportion to the threats we face – making our lives feel difficult and unpleasant.


It can occur when we have too many demands on our time, and it can also be triggered by...

Posted by in General News on May 11, 2018 .

Be a hedgehog helper this summer


May marks national Hedgehog Day in the UK and we thoughts we’d celebrate by finding out more about these wonderful creatures.  Their numbers are in long term decline as their traditional habitats – hedgerows and meadows – disappear, both in the UK and across the rest of Europe and Asia.


Numbers have fallen by half in rural areas over the past twenty years, and researchers estimate there are now fewer than a million hedgehogs left in the UK.


But a 2018 report by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society offers a glimmer of hope – with hedgehog numbers rising in urban areas...

Posted by in General News on Apr 30, 2018 .

Get Flying With Children’s Activity Week!


30th April marks the start of Children’s Activities Week in the UK. This new event celebrates all the benefits of groups, clubs and activities for children’s social and physical development.


The week aims to showcase the thousands of opportunities for children to get involved in clubs and activities, whether for toddlers, after school or during holidays and weekends. It’s been organised by the Children’s Activities’ Association, a Community Interest Company which supports schools and community groups to provide the highest standards of safety, care and development...

Posted by in General News on Apr 27, 2018 .

Five ways to fit mindfulness into everyday life


In many ways children are naturals at mindfulness. It’s become a bit of a buzzword, but at its heart, mindfulness is about being fully aware of the present moment. And that’s exactly how children spend much of their time – so totally absorbed in ‘now’ that it can take all manner of nagging, cajoling and nudging simply to focus on getting out of the door in the morning.


Research tells us that mindfulness is hugely beneficial for our wellbeing, helping to call our minds back from worry about the past or future. Mindfulness reduces our tendency to compare ourselves to...

Posted by in General News on Apr 24, 2018 .

Love your ladybirds


As the weather gradually warms up the landscape is also coming to life. One of the most ubiquitous, easily-identifiable species to spot at this time of year is ladybirds.


Ladybirds are loved by many of us for their bright cheerful markings. But those of us growing plants have even stronger reasons to love them. Ladybirds like to eat aphids and other crop-eating bugs, so ladybirds are great friends to the gardeners and farmers among us.


This week we share some fascinating ladybird facts, along with some ways to you can celebrate and support these happy-looking helpful...

Posted by in General News on Apr 10, 2018 .
Turn a weed into treasure – get foraging
Spring is upon us, and with it, all manner of green shoots, buds and leaves. It’s a time many of us venture into gardens neglected over winter and explore what’s been happening. And there are plenty of spring greens to be found… and eaten. 
There’s something magical about eating something you’ve picked from its source, rather than receiving it neatly weighed and packaged in plastic. And it’s even better if you’ve found your food in the wild (or in the wilds of a free-sprouting garden!). 
Children love getting in on the act – foraging is the ultimate in...

Posted by in Advice, General News, In The Press on Apr 05, 2018 .

How can we play more? 

Play was a hot topic in the UK Parliament this week. MPs called for research into the condition of play provision, with one MP arguing:

“It’s now time to drive forward a renaissance in children’s play across the country so that the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor play are opened up to children from all backgrounds… Play is fundamental to children’s wellbeing. If play is restricted there are likely to be profound effects upon their physical and mental health, both now and in the future.”

MPs and economic leaders of all political persuasions are calling for more importance to be...

Posted by in General News on Mar 26, 2018 .

The story of the Easter… lapwing?


Easter is often marked by the giving of eggs, whether you celebrate the Christian festival or not. As a symbol of new life and rebirth, associating eggs with spring and Easter makes sense.


But why are they delivered by a bunny in the UK and many other countries? Bunnies don’t lay eggs! There are many origin stories to this tradition – some talk about the goddess Eostre who was accompanied by a hare.


But this Easter time we wanted to explore another explanation of the Easter Bunny. One that takes us to nature – in particular the English countryside.


The lapwing is a...