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Posted by in on Aug 30, 2018 .
Get blackberry picking! 
Blackberries usually ripen in late summer, for picking in August and September, but with all this warm weather, many parts of the UK are already in full blackberry season.
Blackberries are full of vitamins A, C, E (and many of the B vitamins) as well as magnesium, potassium and calcium. They’re a great source of fibre too, so a worthwhile addition to your diet. 
There’s something magical about picking food at source, especially from the wild! And blackberries thrive in plenty of urban as well as woodland habitats, so you can usually find a patch fairly close to home.
Here are...

Six ways to kickstart an autumn fitness habit

How fit was your summer? We were surprised this week to learn that research conducted by not-for-profit organisation UKactive found children were measurably less fit after the summer holidays. Primary school children lost 80% of the fitness levels compared with term time. 

The NHS recommends children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. With many children spending their holiday time on sedentary activities in the home, these targets are often not met. 

Anne Longfield. Chief Executive of children’s charity 4Children has called for more to be done to recognise the...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Aug 22, 2018 .

Get ready to go back to school


Children in Scotland, and many other places around the world, are already back, and it’s just a couple of weeks before the English and Welsh schools reopen for business.


The back-to-school season can feel frenzied, especially if your children are starting school for the first time or you have a new routine to get into. And it can be expensive – last year UK parents spent £1.48 billion on getting ready for school.


So here are our tips for a calmer start to the new school year.


  1. Check what you need

Get out last year’s uniform, school shoes, bags and other supplies...

Posted by in General News on Aug 09, 2018 .

How to encourage self-directed play


For many, it’s that stage in the school holidays when boredom strikes. Often the longer stretches at home, plus sweltering temperatures making everyone crabby, mean homes are echoing with refrains of “I’m bored!”


Boredom arises when we can’t create ways to occupy ourselves in a fulfilling way, or find a way to distract ourselves. So a key skill for overcoming boredom is the ability to direct your own work or play.


Self-directed play is simply play that occurs on children’s own terms, where they are active in its creation and purpose. Children play at their own pace,...

5 Free Wild Weather Activities For Kids Over Summer
Well after a few days of high winds, hailstorms, lightning strikes and abandoned festivals due to wild weather in the UK, it looks like the heat and sunshine is set to return.
But we know how changeable the weather can be! Yet wet and wild weather definitely doesn’t mean staring out the window with constant ‘I’m bored’ refrains echoing around the house through the summer holidays. Nor does it have to mean expensive trips out to soft play centres or other indoor retreats. 
Wild weather, especially in these warmer months, is fantastic fun for kids. Here are...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Jul 23, 2018 .
4 Top Tips For Camping With Small Children
With the glorious weather continuing, many of us are looking to the outdoors this summer. If the heat has put camping on your agenda for the first time, or for the first time since having children, tips for getting the most out of your time under canvas are for you.
Plan your spot
It might sound obvious, but if you’re new to camping with kids choose your site carefully. A sensible choice is somewhere not too far away from home, with car parking close to the pitches (you don’t want to be lugging all your kit between car and pitch for ages with young children in tow)....

10 ways to have fun with the kids outside this summer holiday!

The summer holidays are already upon some of us, and fast approaching for others. It can feel daunting coming up with ideas to keep everyone entertained, especially without breaking the bank!


So here are 10 ideas to get you going…


1.      Have a tree party

The Woodland Trust are encouraging everyone to show their love for trees this summer by hosting a party under a tree, with the tree as guest of honour! What a fantastic way to have a picnic, and maybe get some climbing in too. Grab your tree party pack here


2.      Create your own beach


Posted by in Advice, General News on Jul 09, 2018 .

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve shared tips for keeping cool in the summer heat. Now it’s the animals’ turn!


Hot weather can make conditions difficult for wildlife. Here are our tips for playing your part in looking after our feathered, furry and other wild friends!


Leave out water

As the dry spell continues, natural water sources dry up. This affects many wild creatures, including birds, hedgehogs and bees.


Leave out shallow bowls of water that aren’t deep enough to be a drowning risk. For bees, adding pebbles to the bowls gives them a place to land.


Birds will also welcome birdbaths to cool...