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Posted by in General News on Apr 12, 2017 .

Outdoors Easter Traditions From Around The World

If you’re in the northern hemisphere you’re rejoicing at the longer days. In the southern hemisphere you’ll be grabbing a last camping fix before the cold sets in. It seems all over the world people have Easter traditions incorporating the outdoors.

Here’s our pick of some lesser-known and more popular activities to celebrate this time of year.

Decorating Trees

In Germany, Austria and many other countries it’s traditional to hang eggs from trees with ribbon. The Saalfelder Ostereierbaum (Saalfeld Easter Egg Tree) is famous for being decorated with over 10,000...

Posted by in on Apr 06, 2017 .

An Easter Holiday Challenge (And Giveaway)!

At the start of the year we invited you to set yourselves a challenge for 2017. That challenge is still open, and it’s definitely not too late to take part! Have a think about whether there’s an outdoors habit or adventure you’d love to make happen with your young explorers this year. In December we’ll celebrate your stories and successes with a lovely giveaway!

But as December’s a way off yet, we wanted to keep things moving. We’re welcoming the return of warmer weather and lighter evenings by setting a Spring Challenge. 2 lucky winners will each receive a fully waterproof...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Mar 29, 2017 .

Nature deficit disorder: do you have it?

Nature deficit disorder is a condition first described by author Richard Louv in his book ‘Last Child in The Woods’.

It’s not a medical disorder – though medics are in agreement with many of its findings. In a nutshell, Louv argues that the reduced exposure to nature in our lives over the past 40 years, caused by more sedentary lifestyles, increased traffic, fear for children’s safety and the pull of technology, has had deeply negative effects on our wellbeing.  And that applies to both children and adults.

Louv argues that the effects of nature deficit disorder are damaging to...

Posted by in General News on Mar 24, 2017 .

Easy Container Gardening Ideas


Spring is well and truly here and the world seems to be bursting with life again. Time to capture some of that spirit and get growing!


Most kids love gardening because it’s so hands-on. Gardening engages all the senses: the feel of the soil, the smell of herbs and flowers, the taste of the food you’ve grown, the sound of birdsong and the amazing array of colours, shapes and textures.


Whether you dedicate a plot to your mini-gardeners or rustle up a window box, gardening is a great activity for children. It connects them with the food they eat, teaches them to notice and value the...

Posted by in General News on Mar 21, 2017 .

Celebrate Mother’s Day The Outdoors Way!


Mother’s Day is the end of March this year - 26th March if you weren’t sure! There’s a good chance the weather will be mild (or have we just jinxed it?), so here are our (low or no-cost) ideas for honouring the mothers in your life, the outdoors way.


Go for a walk

If having a family walk is something you often intend to do at the weekend but it always drops off the list in favour of chores and errands, make this be the weekend it happens.


Plan it around mum’s favourite things to do, of course: does she like being around rivers, woods, botanical gardens? Can you...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Mar 10, 2017 .

5 Ways To Make The Walk To School or Nursery More Fun


Less than half of school children walk to school, compared with 70% a generation ago. And while our lives might be busier, if it’s something we can fit in, it’s a positive move.


It adds a daily dose of physical exercise, it offers you time to talk to your little ones about how they’re feeling, and it connects you to your local community.


The campaign organisation Living Streets also wants to get more people walking to affect town planning – so our spaces are designed around pedestrians and bikes rather than cars.


So, whether your mornings and...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Mar 02, 2017 .

Green and blue is good for you!


Intuitively we know that being in nature makes us feel better. And more and more studies are coming to the same conclusions: we depend on the natural world for much more than water, food and materials to build with.


Being in nature is good for our health and wellbeing. Or, if we wanted to talk to our children about it: being in green and blue is good for you.


Studies find that being able to get to green space reduces stress and anxiety for many people. Whether it’s due to physical exercise associated with being outside, unplugging from over-stimulating technologies or boosting our...

Get ready for Pancake Day!

What on earth has Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, got to do with outdoor clothing for kids, you ask? Well, we’re always up for new and interesting ways to be outside, and Pancake Day offers loads of opportunities. Plus it’s the one day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to throw your food, making it especially fun for kids everywhere! This year it’s on 28 February. So get your frying pan, get your togs on and have a go at some of these…

Pancake Races

Perhaps the most common way to celebrate with pancakes in the UK (apart from eating them) is to hold a pancake race. The idea is simple:...