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Winter on the beach!

Posted by in General News, Newsletters on Jan 23, 2018 .

Four Fun Winter Beach Activities

Beaches aren’t just for summer! With over 7,000 miles of coastline, there are beaches aplenty in the UK. They can be at their most dramatic in winter, and chances are you’ll have them to yourselves. Dogs tend to be more welcome too: many popular beaches operate a dog-friendly policy from November to March.

So if you’re in the mood to blow away the cobwebs and banish the winter blues with a bracing coastal walk, here are four ideas for making the most of your wintry beach time with young children:

Make beach art

Stormy, winter seas are wonderful for leaving all sorts of treasures on the shoreline. Gather bits of seaweed, pebbles, flotsam and jetsam and make a beach sculpture together. Try making flat pictures or building tall towers out of what you find.

Or take home pieces of driftwood to dry out then glue together. You could decorate a picture frame or mirror for a gift.

Fly a kite

Winter is the best time to fly a kite on the beach – you’re more likely to encounter windy conditions and have the space you need to move around! If you’re feeling crafty, you could always make and decorate your own kite together first.

Treasure hunting

If you can get your hands on a metal detector, it’s an opportunity for the ultimate treasure hunt! You do need a permit though, so if that’s not possible, time to get your buckets and spades out and dig for treasure! To increase the chances of success, adults could pre-populate the beach with buried treasure and ‘X’s to mark the spot! Winter’s the time to do this, when you won’t disturb lots of sunbathers.

Rock pooling

Rock pools can deliver all sorts of treasure themselves! Be careful not to disturb these mini-habitats too much, but take time to notice the variety of plants and creatures living there. If you turn over any stones to have a look for what’s underneath, be sure to turn them back.

Keeping safe at the shore

Beaches are beautiful and dramatic in winter, but can be dangerous too. Stay away from cliff edges and remember wet rock is slippy. It’s fun to watch the waves at high tide on stormy days, but keep your distance from the shore edge – those waves are powerful.

Make a note of any restrictions on the beach and don’t remove pebbles or fossils if it’s forbidden. Do take away litter though – even if it’s someone else’s.

And finally – remember to wrap up warm. Waterproof over trousers, wellies, hats and gloves will protect you from the wind and waves.

Don’t forget to send us snaps of your winter beach adventures!

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