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We love the Natural Magic of Merino Wool

Posted by in General News on Jun 05, 2015 .

Its fine fibres not only deliver comfort and performance but also feel super soft next to skin. Those fibres are the key to the wool feeling sooooo gentle as they are so much finer than other wool fibres allowing much more flexibility of movement, sliding over skin rather rubbing against it. So, no complaints about itchiness.

Plus, they have a natural elasticity which allows them to stretch and return to shape – great for active kids!

Those active kids generate lots of heat so Merino’s ability to absorb and transport body moisture vapour away from the skin through other layers and into the open air ensures wearers stay dry without the clammy feel of damp clothing. That makes it excellent for base layers and protecting extremities – head and hands.

Merino is truly an interactive wool that adjusts its performance according to body temperature – wearers stay cosy in the cold and cooler when it’s hot. Summer or winter, it’s a joy to wear. Being naturally anti-static, it resists clinging to the body. It’s also flame retardant as well as being pretty good at offering UV protection.

Natural magic!

That’s a pretty impressive line-up of comfort for wearers but what about carers? Happily, Merino is very easy to care for and can be machine washed. It also has a natural ability to resist wrinkles as well as odours.

Of course, being a natural fibre grown by sheep, Merino is a renewable resource and totally biodegradable. You can see why we love it.