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Single Mother Ahoy Reviews our Regn Kappa Rain Coat

Posted by in Reviews on Jul 09, 2015 .

Single Mother Ahoy, a popular blogger who reviews various kids gear, shares her opinions on our Spring / Summer 2015 favourite, the Regn Kappa Rain Coat

'Great things about this coat:

  • The coat is a longer length than normal, so that if you’re at the park and decide to go on the swings, there won’t be a wet bottom! This is also handy for sitting on damp benches.
  • There are velcro straps around the wrists, so that you can make them tight enough to avoid water dripping inside the arms whenever hands are raised.
  • It’s not one of those horrible, sweaty waterproofs that just means you get soaked in sweat instead of rain; S was warm and dry when she took her coat off. The PU material is stretchy and has a nice feel to it, so S is often to be found stroking the coat while she’s wearing it!
  • The hood has a peak and is a nice roomy size, with elastication at the sides. It doesn’t fall down easily, and keeps the rain from dripping down on to the face.
  • Reflective spots on the sleeves and at the back (as seen in the photo below). S loves these because they’re shiny and a bit different, but obviously they have a practical purpose.
  • Easily detachable hood – in case your child goes through one of those stages, but more importantly in case they are grabbed in the playground and don’t wish to be strangled!
  • It’s machine washable! No sponging mud off a waterproof in the sink; you can just shove it in the washing machine. Genius.
  • A velcro- and popper-fastening flap over the zipper to keep the rain out. '  

Read the full review here

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