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Rain won't stop play.

Posted by in General News on Jun 24, 2015 .


Rain won’t stop play!


Here we are in June and it’s raining. As there are no rules about the weather, we can hardly be surprised. Happily, rain or shine, we love being outdoors. ‘Outdoors’ doesn’t have to mean walking the hills, of course, but just not being indoors.


At home, that might mean all being busy looking for wildlife in the garden or exploring a local park. On holiday, the options are, if not endless, certainly heading that way. There are always lots of ideas circulating through every British summer on ‘things to do when it’s raining’ and they usually mean visiting an indoor attraction but not for us.


For us at Kozi Kidz, there is really only one thing to do – carry on regardless! If we let rain stop play, then we would all be stuck indoors for much of the year. Whilst exploring rock pools in glorious sunshine is the image seaside destinations like to promote, they are loads of fun in the rain as well.


In fact, the weather most days is pretty reasonable for enjoying time outdoors as long as the whole family is prepared. In other words, staying dry and having the right outlook. A friend saw this on a visit to a Go Ape Tree Top Junior Adventure course, aimed at Junior Tarzans aged 6-12 years, and wanted to share her family’s experience with us.


The forest adventure specialist has a great FAQ answer to ‘What happens in bad weather?’ They write, ‘Go Ape is an excellent wet weather activity. The course remains open in all weathers, except when it is icy, stormy, in high winds or during lightning. Rain makes the course muddier than usual – which all adds to the fun! Don’t forget to dress for the weather.


They’re our kind of people and we couldn’t agree more!


So, for us the list of things to do in the rain is actually longer than most circulated as it includes everything outdoors as well as those indoors.


To find out more about Go Ape, visit www.goape.co.uk. To keep your children dry and comfortable outdoors whatever you’re all doing, please check out our waterproofs and our snuggly fleece tops www.kozikidz.com/rainwear.

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