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No such thing as bad weather!

Posted by in Advice, General News on Jan 15, 2019 .
There’s no such thing as bad weather – here’s why
There’s a Swedish saying that goes like this:
‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.’
This is one of the reasons we started Kozi Kidz – to ensure children could play outside in all weathers, safe in the knowledge they would be warm and dry.
Going outside with your children through all the seasons provides all sorts of benefits, physically, emotionally and mentally. Here are just four:
You learn to create fun with what you have
We came across a wonderful quote recently:
"Encouraging a child to go outside in all weather builds resilience, but more importantly it saves the from spending their life merely tolerating the "bad" days in favour of a handful of "good" ones - a life of endless expectations & conditions where happiness hinges on sunshine.”
Sadly the author wasn’t credited, but at Kozi Kidz we wholeheartedly agree. There’s so much fun to be had in cold and wet weather, and it’s important to remember to look for the good in what you have now, not constantly want life to be different. What an important lesson to learn for both adults and children alike! 
It’s good for your body
Getting outside gets you out of the stale indoor air, making it more likely you’ll avoid germs. And while you’re there, you’re more likely to be moving around than if you were sat inside, so you’ll naturally help children clock up the 60 minutes of physical activity it’s recommended they get daily – as well as improve your own fitness compared with watching TV on the sofa! 
And it’s harder to get a decent dose of vitamin D from the sun in the winter months, so supplements are recommended. But playing outside gives you a much better chance of topping up your vitamin D levels – essential for strong bones and mood regulation. 
It strengthens your relationship with nature
When you are only outside in the warmer months, you miss much of the beauty on offer in nature. Woods, beaches, meadows all look very different in the colder months, and have lots of treasures to offer: from the crunch of fallen leaves, to examining icicles, to looking at the silhouettes the bare branches of trees make in the leaves. 
Encouraging children to notice what’s around them, whatever the weather, is a great way to strengthen their appreciation of nature and start to understand seasonal changes and life cycles.
It teaches creativity and problem solving
We’re fond of saying that nature doesn’t come with a manual – which means it is a wonderful classroom when it comes to creativity. There are no set ways to play in the woods, or on the beach. Instead, children come up with their own ideas, create new games, and use the objects around them, whether sticks or seaweed, to invent whole new worlds. In winter, the tools are different – surfaces might be slippery from rain or ice, there might be more leaves on the ground, puddles and streams might be deeper. Children learn to navigate these situations (supervised of course!) and adapt to their environment, strengthening their decision-making and problem solving skills. 
We hope you have lots of fun outside this winter, even if it’s just for twenty minutes a day! Don’t forget to stock up on your base layers  recent recipient of the INDYBEST award, so the kids stay warm, however cold it gets! 
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