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Natural Christmas card craft ideas

Posted by in on Nov 24, 2017 .

Natural Christmas Card Craft Ideas

We know it’s still only November, but Christmas cards have been in the news recently!

Blue Planet II has fascinated the UK over the past few weeks, with their cutting-edge technology giving us new insight into hidden ecosystems and rarely-seen species. And if there’s one big message to the series, it’s the devastating impact of plastic on the environment, particularly on oceans and marine life.

Prompted by the call to reduce our plastic consumption and the upcoming sparkly Christmas season, Tops Days nurseries in southern England have banned the use of glitter on their sites.  Like Kozi Kidz, Tops Days have a strong environmental and outdoor ethos. They believe in:

“An environmentally sustainable and socially responsible world for all. Educating the children of today in order to influence the way future generations live.”

As a microplastic (just like microbeads, which are being banned from sale in the UK at the end of 2017), glitter has the potential to end up in the oceans and be eaten by marine life, causing malnutrition and gut issues. Some plastics never decompose, while others, like plastic bottles, take an average of 450 years.

In recognition of the need to reduce our dependence on plastics, including glitter, we’ve scoured the internet for the best nature-inspired Christmas card designs. Have fun hunting around for your art materials in the woods or park, then get crafting!

Sycamore seed Christmas tree

This clever design uses helicopter seeds from the sycamore to create a beautiful, natural tree effect.

sycamore seeds.jpg

Credit: https://www.bluebearwood.co.uk/helicopter-seed-christmas-tree-card/ (you’ll notice they use glitter in the final design – we think it’s beautiful without!)

Pine and berries

Creating tree designs with sprigs and berries is simple, effective and a lovely sensory experience for little hands (not sure how long the berry designs would last though!).


sprigs and berries.jpg

Credit: https://playtivities.com/christmas-tree-crafts-2/

Sand and leaf circles

This design creates a tinselly, glittery effect with sand – very clever!

circles and sand.jpg

Credit: https://mothernatured.com/nature-crafts-for-kids/homemade-nature-craft-christmas-cards/

Twiggy reindeer

This sweet ornament idea would also work well on a card.




Credit: https://www.firefliesandmudpies.com/twig-reindeer-ornaments/

We hope that’s given you some ideas for how to ditch the glitter and have fun eco-crafting over the next few weeks.

We’d love to see your designs and creations.  Share your creativity and keep an  eye out for our  Christmas gift prize draw.

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