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#KoziKidzSpring Challenge

Posted by in on Apr 06, 2017 .

An Easter Holiday Challenge (And Giveaway)!

At the start of the year we invited you to set yourselves a challenge for 2017. That challenge is still open, and it’s definitely not too late to take part! Have a think about whether there’s an outdoors habit or adventure you’d love to make happen with your young explorers this year. In December we’ll celebrate your stories and successes with a lovely giveaway!

But as December’s a way off yet, we wanted to keep things moving. We’re welcoming the return of warmer weather and lighter evenings by setting a Spring Challenge. 2 lucky winners will each receive a fully waterproof rain set of their choice.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Think about what Spring means to you and your children
  2. Get exploring outside and find a place or activity that captures Spring for you
  3. Have fun!
  4. Send us your photos: post them on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #KoziKidzSpring

We’ll select the winners on 30 April 2017.

We know you’ll have plenty of ideas about how to enjoy Spring wherever you are, but here are a few thoughts on the wonders of Spring to get you in the mood:

Greeenfingers: nothing says Spring like green shoots. Whether it’s seedlings in pots getting ready to plant outside or cress for the windowsill - get growing!

Enjoy the flowers: daffodils, lilac, hyacinths, tulips, primroses, bluebells – there are so many colours to spot at this time of year

Get birdspotting: birds will be busy nest-building. Can you spot any flurries of activity? Or even tiny beaks peeking out of nest boxes?

Get muddy: April showers mean MUD! How gloriously mucky can you get (waterproof trousers are a good idea!)?

Go on a tadpole quest: Spring is tadpole season. Seek out ponds, ditches and slow running streams to see if you can spot any.

Eat outside: mix things up in the morning by having breakfast in the garden, or enjoy a lovely picnic spot

Feed the ducks: but not bread! Defrosted frozen peas or chopped up lettuce is a safer choice for ducks. And hopefully you’ll get to see some fluffy ducklings too.

Fly a kite: Spring breezes make this a great time of year for kite flying. If you can feel the wind on your face, the conditions are likely to be good for your kite.

Watch the lambs gambolling: How many baby animals can you spot in fields?

Throw blossom confetti: it can feel like it’s raining pink, green and white under some trees at this time of the year. Enjoy the petal showers and scoop some up to play with again

We hope that’s got you raring to get outside and enjoy all things green this April!

 Don’t forget to post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #KoziKidzSpring to be in with a chance of winning a brilliant prize!




Last update: Apr 06, 2017