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Posted by in Advice, General News, In The Press on Jan 09, 2019 .

Nature inspiration a month for 2019

January’s often a time for new year’s resolutions and making plans, and we’re no exception! Of course, we’d love the outdoors to feature more in everyone’s lives, with all the health, wellbeing and community benefits that brings. 

If you’d like to spend more time outdoors over the next year, here are some seasonal prompts for enjoying the great outdoors, whether you’re in the city, countryside or somewhere in between! 

We hope each month’s theme will give you a focus to step outside together, whether it’s for ten minutes, an hour or a day’s adventure!

January: The moon

Six ways to kickstart an autumn fitness habit

How fit was your summer? We were surprised this week to learn that research conducted by not-for-profit organisation UKactive found children were measurably less fit after the summer holidays. Primary school children lost 80% of the fitness levels compared with term time. 

The NHS recommends children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. With many children spending their holiday time on sedentary activities in the home, these targets are often not met. 

Anne Longfield. Chief Executive of children’s charity 4Children has called for more to be done to recognise the...

10 ways to have fun with the kids outside this summer holiday!

The summer holidays are already upon some of us, and fast approaching for others. It can feel daunting coming up with ideas to keep everyone entertained, especially without breaking the bank!


So here are 10 ideas to get you going…


1.      Have a tree party

The Woodland Trust are encouraging everyone to show their love for trees this summer by hosting a party under a tree, with the tree as guest of honour! What a fantastic way to have a picnic, and maybe get some climbing in too. Grab your tree party pack here


2.      Create your own beach


4 ways being outside can help with stress


14-20 May is national Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and this year the focus is on stress. Stress can affect us at any age, including in childhood.


Stress is an emotional and physical response to feeling overwhelmed. Some stress is good for us – it’s a signal to act and get going. Stress was a lifesaver in the days of sabre-toothed tigers! The problems arise when we experience stress out of proportion to the threats we face – making our lives feel difficult and unpleasant.


It can occur when we have too many demands on our time, and it can also be triggered by...

Posted by in Advice, General News, In The Press on Apr 05, 2018 .

How can we play more? 

Play was a hot topic in the UK Parliament this week. MPs called for research into the condition of play provision, with one MP arguing:

“It’s now time to drive forward a renaissance in children’s play across the country so that the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor play are opened up to children from all backgrounds… Play is fundamental to children’s wellbeing. If play is restricted there are likely to be profound effects upon their physical and mental health, both now and in the future.”

MPs and economic leaders of all political persuasions are calling for more importance to be...

Posted by in Advice, General News, In The Press on Mar 23, 2018 .

Are you getting your three a week?


You’ve probably heard of the five a day campaign encouraging us all to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day (research suggests we should be aiming for seven!).


But what about your three a week? Three a week isn’t about what you put into your body, it’s about what you do with it.


Medics recommend we each do three types of activity during the course of our week:

  • Aerobic (so we feel a little out of breath)
  • Strengthening (for muscles and bones)
  • Flexibility and balance (to keep us limber).



While many of us associate exercise with...

Posted by in Advice, General News, In The Press, Newsletters on Mar 06, 2018 .

Be a friend to the birds


It’s a tough time for birds in the UK at the moment, with the big freeze making food hard to come by in recent days. As Spring arrives, birds are thinking about finding a mate and nesting, so having enough food and energy is especially important.


This week we’re sharing some simple tips on caring for the birds at this critical time of year.


Feed the birds

The extreme weather has forced wild birds such as winter thrushes into gardens to search for food. Usually these birds feed on berries in hedgerows and woodlands and steer clear of gardens, but after the long winter, much of the...

Simple ways to create healthy eating habits


Childhood obesity made the UK news this week. A report from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health stated that 80% of obese children would remain obese into adulthood, risking ill health and early death.


Obesity, including childhood obesity, is a growing concern across the globe. The World Health Organisation estimates that the level of obesity across all ages has nearly tripled since 1975, with around 124 million children being classified as obese in 2016. Obesity is now the second most common cause of preventable death in Europe, with smoking coming top of the...