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Gender neutral clothes: because the outdoors is for everyone!

Posted by in General News on Feb 23, 2018 .


Gender neutral clothing: because the outdoors is for everyone!


We’ve noticed a trend in kids’ clothing over the past few months, and it’s one we whole-heartedly support. Lots of high street retailers, including John Lewis and River Island, are launching gender-neutral kids’ clothing.


The campaign group ‘Let Clothes Be Clothes’ has long argued for this move, saying that gender stereotyping in clothes limits and restricts children’s views of the world.


Often, girls are the ones who seem to lose out in these gender wars – the girls get offered t-shirts with slogans like ‘babe’ or ‘sugar and spice’ while the boys get to be ‘leader’ or ‘mischief maker’. But the boys get a raw deal too – what if you don’t want to live up to aggressive stereotypes or have your clothes covered in dinosaurs or aeroplanes? Stereotyping does no-one any favours, and it can do a lot of damage.


A six-year global research study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health last year, found that cultures the world over reinforce the message that it’s the boys’ job to be adventurous, and the girls’ to be pretty. Even into the 21st century, these stories persist, regardless of where you live.


We firmly believe that the outdoors is for everyone, whatever your gender or colour preference. So you won’t find our clothing marked for boys or for girls.


You will find a range of bright, cheerful colours (yes, including pink – plenty of girls and boys like pink, we’ve found!).


You’ll also find our clothes come with robust features for outdoor play – no dainty, impractical styling. For example, our rain jackets come with welded seams, so there’s no letting water in at weak points such as shoulder stitching, and with chin guards and extended peaks to keep kids dry and warm.


We believe it’s our responsibility as outdoor clothing retailers to offer clothes that are going to help children love, respect and appreciate the outdoors as much as possible. We do that by only working with the brand partners we trust who supply the highest quality kit, built and tested for tough outdoor use, in an array of colours and styles.


We very much hope that the outdoors can be a place for children to be children: to splash and get messy, to take risks, to have adventures, to get creative or to lose themselves in their imagination. We just want to keep them as comfortable as possible while they get on with it!


We hope you have fun with your outdoor adventurers this week, whatever colours and styles they choose tot wear!



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