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FREE! Wild summer weather activities for the kids.

Posted by in Advice, General News on Jul 30, 2018 .
5 Free Wild Weather Activities For Kids Over Summer
Well after a few days of high winds, hailstorms, lightning strikes and abandoned festivals due to wild weather in the UK, it looks like the heat and sunshine is set to return.
But we know how changeable the weather can be! Yet wet and wild weather definitely doesn’t mean staring out the window with constant ‘I’m bored’ refrains echoing around the house through the summer holidays. Nor does it have to mean expensive trips out to soft play centres or other indoor retreats. 
Wild weather, especially in these warmer months, is fantastic fun for kids. Here are five free or low cost ways to make the most of the wind and rain (should it return again before September!):
1. Glory in the mud
If it rains enough to get the ground all nice and gooey, kids are in for a treat! Have a mudpie competition, seeing who can make the best mud goodies, decorated with petals, feathers, pebbles, leaves or whatever you can find. 
Create mud footprint pictures by tramping about in thick mud then walking over a big roll of paper. If you have pets and can encourage them to have a go too, this is a great way to learn about different animal tracks. 
And if you can get muddy in your garden, how about mudbathing? Getting soggy and dirty, with mud behind your fingerprints is the sign of a day well spent (before having a soak in the bath of course). 
2. Create reverse-shadows in the rain
If you see the skies darken on a warm summer day, encourage everyone outside to play sleeping lions! Lie on dry concrete ground before the rain hits, then let the warm rain pelt you for a few minutes (cue squeals of delight!). Once the shower’s over, stand up and see the body shapes you’ve created. 
If you’re desperate to do this and there’s no rain due, a hosepipe will have the same effect. Or if your kids don’t want to get wet, you can create the same effect with leaves to create pictures on the ground after a shower. 
3. Create music
The wind and rain are both fantastic for creating music! Head outside during a powerful rain shower and listen to the sound rain makes on different surfaces. To create your own rain orchestra, lay out household objects, such as saucepans, milk bottles, dustbin lids and plastic storage boxes and listen to the beats the rain creates. 
In windy conditions, tie kitchen items such as wooden and metal spoons, whisks and pan lids to a washing line or tree and hear the sounds they make. 
4. Fly a kite or personalised flag
If you don’t own a kite, you could get crafty and make your own simple diamond version – try this kite tutorial. Or if you want to keep it really simple, use some old pillow cases or tea towels, get the kids to decorate them with paints and pens, then attach to long sticks to make flags to fly in the wind.
5. Go puddle jumping!
What rundown of free activities to do in the rain could miss puddle jumping! There are so many ways to enjoy puddles. Go out on a puddle adventure while it’s still raining, or just after. See how far you can get jumping from puddle to puddle without touching dry land. See who can find the biggest, deepest puddle, or make the biggest splash. 
If you find a really big puddle, take bath toys or make paper boats to float in your very own mini lake. 
And don’t forget to dress for the weather! With breathable, unlined rain jackets, trousers, ponchos and hats, our waterproof collection has you covered this summer! 
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