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Dressing Kids for Comfort Outdoors

Posted by in Advice, General News on May 20, 2015 .

It’s mid-May and we’ve just had a hailstorm! We love being outdoors throughout the seasons and our changeable weather plus the energy levels of children mean that flexible clothing is a must for comfort. The key to comfort is wearing layers of clothing that can be easily taken off or added as the weather and activity demand. Our top fabrics and quality manufacturing offer outstanding performance and reliability.

Worn next to the skin, gentle, non-itch base layers fabrics wick away moisture to avoid the discomfort of a clammy feeling and the chilling that occurs when it’s left to dry on the skin. Over base layers, a cosy fleece jacket will offer warmth through insulation by trapping still air. That might be the mid layer or, in dry weather, a windproof outer. As the hail has just turned to torrential rain, it’s a useful reminder that outer layer waterproofs are an outdoor essential even in summer. We believe they can also be fun to wear and thousands of children agree.

A useful tip is not to wait until children are boiling hot through racing around having fun before adjusting their clothing as they may get chilled quickly as they pull off coats and jackets. Tempting though it is to zip up tight, a little ventilation is a great help in not overheating as they let off steam.

There’s more info on layering and looking after your Kozi Kidz clothing here and you can find your nearest stockist here.

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Please don’t let bad weather keep your kids at home!