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Three Nature Crafts To Do with Children For Christmas

Posted by in on Dec 11, 2018 .
Three Nature Crafts To Do with Children For Christmas
Last time on the blog we shared ways to reduce plastic consumption over Christmas. Crafts and decorations are a big part of Christmas, and can often contain lots of plastic – whether it’s shiny metallic wrapping paper, glitter on cards or embellishments on baubles. 
We’ve searched the best of the crafting sites to find simple ideas to for you to make and do with kids. Create that festive feel this Christmas without it costing your wallet or the planet. 
Pine cone animals
If you went out collecting over autumn, this is a great way to use up a stash of pine cones. Or take a wintry walk and see what you can find lying around. With their conical shape, pine cones are a great base for animals – stand them on their end for birds or owls, or they are perfect for hedgehogs or cats on their side. Let your children’s imaginations guide you!
You will need:
Pine cones
Paint (or leave natural)
Googly eyes (or draw eye shapes on paper to avoid the plastic)
Felt, paper or wool for animal features such as feet, wings, tails or whiskers
Simply decide which animal to create and decorate accordingly, with eyes, wings or whatever you need! Add a loop to the top so you can hang on your tree. For a step by step guide to creating a baby bird, take a look here. 
Mini Christmas trees or stars
Again, a great way to start this craft activity is to go for a walk and collect some twigs, before warming up and getting creative. This craft is simple in design and materials, making it ideal for all ages.
You will need:
Twigs (about 5-10cm long)
Twine or strong thread (or a hot glue gun)
Colourful yarn
Firstly arrange your twig pieces into a tree or start shape and bind with the twine. Then wrap different coloured threads and yarn around your shape to decorate it. Get more twig-tree inspiration here.
Birdseed decorations
Christmas is a good excuse to decorate the trees outside as well! These cookie-cutter decorations are both beautiful and useful – offering nutrients to birds during the cold season.
You will need:
Bird seed (buying a bag especially designed for birds will ensure they get a good nutritional mix)
Suet, coconut oil or golden syrup
Unflavoured gelatine
Cookie cutters
You can read a step-by-step guide to creating these birdseed decorations here
If crafting isn’t your idea of fun, you can still decorate your home naturally by gathering lovely winter foliage to tie in bundles or adorn your mantelpiece. Or have a go at making your own Christmas wreath – take a look at our guide here.
We hope you have lots of fun getting inspired by nature for your decorations this year. And don’t forget to wrap up warm. We have a great range of wind and waterproof gear – perfect presents to help you make the most of winter!