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Five Crafty Autumn Leaf Ideas For Half Term

Posted by in Advice, General News on Oct 24, 2018 .

Five Crafty Autumn Leaf Ideas For Half Term

‘Listen, the wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves
We’ve had our summer evenings, now it’s time for October eves’

Humbert Wolfe

As autumn sets in and the leaves fall, it’s a treasure trove for walks with the children. If you’re short of (free) activities over half term, it’s time to head outside, gather up armfuls of leaves and get crafting. 

We’ve taken inspiration from the best crafty sites out there to give you some cheap and easy ideas for beautiful autumn crafts.

Make leafy hedgehogs
This simple idea just requires paper, glue and pens. Stick your leaves in a jagged arrangement to make hedgehog prickles (or if you have members of the maple tree family nearby, like sycamores, one leaf will probably do by itself!) and draw in a cute little hedgehog face. 

For a step-by-step guide and picture inspiration, including other animals you could make see this post from Crafty Morning

Decorate jars
This is a beautiful way to mark the changing daylight hours. Save up your jam jars, slather them in PVA glue and stick different coloured leaves around the outside. Then as the darker evenings set in, add tea lights and you’ve created an eco-friendly glow! 

Find out more with this simple tutorial.

Create leaf puppets
You’ll need to gather twigs as well as leaves for this one! Find some big, flat leaves, draw on a face, attach to a twig and you’ve got your own puppet show! Experiment to see what characters you can create out of different shaped leaves: a large sycamore could become a lion with a magnificent mane, a long, slender willow could be a snake and a round hazel a wise owl, maybe. 

Get some ideas and the full how-to at this guide from Classic Play

Make a tree collage
Simply gather your leaves, draw the outline of a tree on a piece of paper then stick the leaves on to create a beautiful autumnal picture. You can be true to life and recreate mini lime, horse chestnut, ash trees (depending on the leaves you find) or get imaginative and mix them all together!

Find out more with this simple guide from tinker-lab.

Leaf rubbing
We couldn’t talk about leaf crafts without mentioning the classic leaf rubbing! Crayons work best for this, but gentle pencil shading should be fine too, if the leaf veins are prominent enough. Notice how the network of veins takes food to every part of the leaf: you may find that the some sections of leaves are still green, while others are yellow or brown. 

The Woodland Trust has a simple leaf rubbing worksheet here.

Many of these craft ideas need the leaves to be pressed for a day or two to be most successful, but you can have fun in the leaves while you wait! Sweep them up into piles for jumping in, listen to the rustling sounds as you stomp, or try catching a falling leaf (harder than it looks!) and making a wish when you do!

Enjoy getting creative with the leaves this year, and don’t forget to wrap up warm with layers from our shop! 




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