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5 tips for staying warm in the "big freeze"

Posted by in Advice, General News on Feb 26, 2018 .

5 tips for staying warm when it’s freezing outside


The crocuses, even the daffodils, are out, yet winter is coming (back).

As the UK steels itself for an end of winter cold snap, we thought we’d share some science-based tips for keeping warm outside.


Keep moving

Your clothing helps to trap heat (more on that in a second) – but it’s your body that keeps you warm. So keep your blood pumping by keeping moving. Young children might need to move slower or take more breaks, so keep the breaks short and build in games like I-Spy or hide and seek to keep the pace steady. If you’ve got young ones in buggies or slings, pay extra attention to wrapping them up, as they won’t be feeling the benefit of moving their bodies.


Don’t get wet

When moisture cools next to your skin you can feel cold very quickly. So the trick is to keep your body dry. You need to protect it from two sources of moisture: your own sweat and wet weather conditions. Wear a base layer to wick moisture away from your skin (not a cotton vest or t-shirt which will absorb it). And protect against the snow or rain with a good waterproof. We have excellent selections of both!


Keep your core warm…

You’ll notice that your extremities feel the cold first: your fingers and toes might feel chilled or numb. Perhaps counterintuitive, but this is a sign that your core body is cold. Our bodies are designed to protect our vital organs first, so when your fingertips get cold, think about the rest of your body! Put on an extra layer to trap more heat.


Layering is the number one way to protect yourself against the cold, as it helps to trap heat. For a full rundown on how and why it works, check out our post here.


…And everywhere else

Though that’s not to say you should ignore your poor, freezing fingers! Warm socks, insulated gloves or mittens and a good hat are all important. It’s a myth that you lose 70% of your body temperature through your head – in truth, you lose body heat from anywhere that’s not protected. So make sure as much of you as possible is covered up and waterproofed.


Stay fuelled

Pack plenty of snacks, even on shorter trips. Your body needs more fuel to keep the home fires burning in colder weather! Just don’t stand or sit around too long in the cold to eat. And don’t forget drinks – staying hydrated is a powerful tool against the cold. Having water in your system helps your body keep circulating.


So as the temperatures plummet, stay safe, dry and have fun! To help we have 25% off all base layers this week (until 3 March 2018). Just enter code BL25* when you checkout https://www.kozikidz.com/base-layers




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