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13 ways to celebrate World Kindness Day

Posted by in General News on Nov 13, 2018 .
13 Ways to Be Kind Outside This World Kindness Day
13 November is World Kindness Day. The movement was started in 1988 by a collection of non-political organisations to promote acts of good deeds and wellbeing. 
The great outdoors is a perfect place to demonstrate kindness, in big ways and small, so we’ve gathered a few of our favourites here to get you inspired:
1. Walk a neighbour’s dog
Give your neighbour some time off and offer to walk the dog for them – a great way to fit outdoors into your day without the commitment of looking after a dog full time! 
2. Pick up litter
This is a really simple one! Either make an event of it, and organise friends to clear up a nature spot, or see how many items you can clear on a local walk. Don’t forget to use gloves and litter pickers in case of sharp edges or other safety hazards. 
3. Feed the birds
The autumn berry feast will be coming to an end soon, and as the weather gets colder birds will need help staying fuelled over winter. Make sure to leave nutritious foods such as nuts, fruit and seeds rather than bread. Our blog from last year has some tips on making simple bird feeders. 
4. Take a homeless person a hot drink
Not everyone has the choice whether to be inside or outside. If you see any people out on the streets, why not stop for a chat and offer to get them a cup of tea or some food. 
5. Go for a run or walk
Be kind to yourself and get some fresh air. The benefits of being outside are so well documented some doctors are now prescribing it! Moving your body, particularly if you can get to a natural setting, is a great way to reset your mood and get endorphins going. 
6. Run an errand
Do you know someone who needs something fetching from the shop, or a letter posting? See if you can combine walking with helping someone out this week – doing both you and them a kindness. 
7. Plant some bulbs
Whether it’s in your own garden, someone else’s, a pot or a public space, spring bulbs are such cheerful signs of warmer weather on its way. Help brighten everyone’s mood by planting some ready for next year. 
8. Create a mini wildlife sanctuary
Whether it’s a bug hotel or a simple pile of twigs and leaves, leave some wild space for our feathered and furred friends this winter. 
9. Tidy a neighbour’s garden
Now’s the time many of us like to settle back and let the garden sleep until spring. If you know someone who could do with taking down old canes, cutting back unruly brambles or clearing out the shed ready for next year, see if you can lend a hand. 
10. Join the edible movement
The Incredible Edible movement encourages public planting of food crops for the whole community to share. Vegetable beds are most active over summer, but there are still plenty of crops to enjoy throughout the warmer months. Or help out with harvesting at a community orchard. 
11. Clean the windows
As the days grow shorter it’s important to make the most of natural daylight! Have a fun hour outside cleaning the windows, and see if your neighbours would like theirs doing too. 
12. Volunteer at your local park or nature reserve
As funding cuts bite plenty of community spaces are turning to volunteer groups to help maintain and fundraise their sites. See how you can pitch in, whether it’s at a volunteer task day, becoming a ‘Friend’ of the organisation or lending your expertise. 
13. Join a Good Gym
We love the Good Gym concept because it combines kindness to yourself by getting some exercise and meeting new people with kindness to others by helping out a local community group. Find out more and join a local group here
We hope you find some ways to spread a little kindness this month! To do our bit, we’re offering 30% off our online shop until 16th November. Use code KINDNESS at check out, https://www.kozikidz.com
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