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10 ways to have fun with the kids outside this summer

Posted by in Advice, General News, In The Press on Jul 17, 2018 .

10 ways to have fun with the kids outside this summer holiday!

The summer holidays are already upon some of us, and fast approaching for others. It can feel daunting coming up with ideas to keep everyone entertained, especially without breaking the bank!


So here are 10 ideas to get you going…


1.      Have a tree party

The Woodland Trust are encouraging everyone to show their love for trees this summer by hosting a party under a tree, with the tree as guest of honour! What a fantastic way to have a picnic, and maybe get some climbing in too. Grab your tree party pack here


2.      Create your own beach

If you can’t get to the coast this summer, create your own beach at home. Pick up some packs of play sand, get the paddling pool out and have fun.


3.      Build a den

We love den building at Kozi Kidz – it’s a great way to spark imaginative play. If you’re in the forest and can create a den from sticks and twigs, that’s great, otherwise sheets over chairs can be just as exciting – and a great place to shelter from the heat.


4.      Create an obstacle course

Get imaginative and create your own silly races at home. Chairs, clothes airers, buckets, sheets and pegs can become all sorts of obstacles for the kids to navigate, and you could increase the fun by getting water involved too. See who can get round the fastest, who’s the best jumper, who can get round balancing an ice cube on a spoon… the variety is endless.


5.      Grow your own salad

Gardening season is well underway, but it’s not too late to grow a few fast germinating leaves. Spinach, mustard and cress and cut and come again lettuce leaves grow quickly and can be a rewarding project through the summer weeks.


6.      Stargaze

Perhaps better towards the end of summer, when the evenings draw in a little earlier. Create a comfy patch with cushions and blankets outside and look up at the sky. There are some useful stargazing resources here


7.      Do a Junior Parkrun

Junior parkruns are free 2K running events held in open spaces all over the UK. They are supported by volunteers and children between 4-14 can participate. A great way to get a regular run in! Look here to find your local event.


8.      Create fairy or gnome houses

The summer months are great for hanging around outside, collecting treasure in the form of dropped petals, twigs and leaves. Create your own nature pictures, or get some air-drying clay and get sculpting to create magical little houses.


9.      The Big Butterfly Count

Enjoy the sun and help monitor our biodiversity at the same time, by taking part in the Big Butterfly Count. Butterflies are helpful indicators of our biodiversity as they react quickly to environmental changes. You can get involved with butterfly counting here.


10.  Have a treasure hunt

The beauty of treasure hunts is they can be as simple or complex as you like, and tailored to any age group, with cryptic clues for older children and pictures for the youngest ones. You can use a garden or take over sections of a wood or park.

Or if you’re too hot and bothered to think up clues, try some fastest finder games, such as ‘the first person to bring me 5 different green things’, ‘the first person to find something beginning with f…’ etc, with ice lolly prizes to cool everyone down after their exertions.


Finally, we hope you can make this summer a time to do something you’ve never done together before. Whether it’s catching a bus to a new park, climbing your first hill or going fruit picking together, have fun creating your own adventures and enjoying the glorious outdoors.






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