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10 beach activities for everyone.

Posted by in General News on Aug 09, 2017 .

10 beach activities for everyone

With the UK being an island amongst islands, there’s no shortage of beaches. Many of us find ourselves coast-bound in the summer season, even if we’re normally landlocked.

While many adults dream of a quiet sunbathe or some peaceful holiday reading, with young children beaches are all about the kit and the activities!

We can help you with the kit of course and we thought we’d also share some ideas for keeping everyone entertained without the need for donkey rides, carousels, or 2p slot machines (though there’s room to enjoy them too!).

Seashell hunting

A great one for younger children – find as many sea shells as you can, then sort then into shapes, sizes and colours. A wonderful activity for noticing all the beautiful details and hues in the shells.

Go rockpooling

Rockpools are mini-worlds. Who do we think might live amongst the seaweed? What can you spot (see below for a spotter’s guide!)?

Play hopscotch

Sand is great for creating templates or play zones by using sticks to mark out boundaries. Start off with hopscotch and if space allows, create your own obstacle course!

Be a coast wildlife spotter

There’s so much to spot at the seaside, from birds, to insects to marine life, shellfish, grasses and coastal flowers. Take this printable guide and see what you can find.

Make a mermaid

Either find a willing volunteer to bury the legs of (the adult most into their book, perhaps?) or draw out a mermaid in the sand, then decorate with beach treasures to create a beautiful tail.

Fly a kite

There’s nothing like a good sea breeze to get a kite going! Some wide beaches are great for power-kiting, but a kite of any size is exciting if you can get it to stay airborne!

Create your beach gang

Leave your mark (temporarily!) on the beach by tracing round everyone you’re beaching with, then drawing in faces, clothing and decorating with beach treasures.

Wacky races

Race into the sea, race balancing a beach ball on your hands or under your arm, have a hopping race, race sideways like a crab – you get the idea! The winner gets an ice cream first!

Build a sandcastle city

No beach list would be complete without the humble sandcastle, but why make it humble? Create a sandcastle city, give it a name then tell stories about what happens there… who lives there? What does the seaside café sell? Where do they go on holiday?

Build castle defences

Try and beat the tide by creating flood defences to protect your city. How long can your castle hold out? What are the best tactics for keeping the water at bay? Does the tide come in evenly or are you undone by a whopper of a wave?

We hope that’s enough to keep you going and wear everyone out! Don’t forget the coastal code: take only pictures, leave only footprints. And enjoy!

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