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Posted by in on Oct 19, 2017 .

Celebrate Apples with Apple Day


21 October is officially ‘Apple Day’ in the UK and has been since 1990. Its founders wanted to create an autumn national holiday that celebrated this most commonplace fruit.


They were struck by the fact that there are over 8000 varieties of apple, yet people were eating the same few names stocked by the supermarkets.  Have you seen a ‘Nutmeg Pippin’ or a ‘Knobby Russet’ on the shelves of your local convenience store recently? Probably not.


And 70% of the apples sold in the UK are imported, despite it being seen as a quinissentially British fruit.


So Apple Day was...

Posted by in on Oct 10, 2017 .

The glories of mud



Wetter weather means more mud. Humble mud usually has a bad rap being associated with all things dirty, unfortunate and down at heel. Take this famous quote from Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev:


“We sit in the mud… and reach for the stars.”


Yet there’s a lot to love about mud, for all of us, but especially children. So this week on the blog we’re encouraging you sit in the mud… and reach for it too.


Nurture creativity

Mud is the ultimate open-ended play activity! And it’s free! There are no rules when it comes to playing with mud – you can watch it gloop, pile it up...

Posted by in on Oct 06, 2017 .

Staying active as the nights draw in


As the wind blows the leaves off the trees and the evenings darken, it’s tempting to retreat indoors. The call of Netflix and the sofa is strong on a Sunday afternoon or in the evenings!


But getting layered up and getting outside is beneficial for all of us – and for parents it’s doubly worth it.


Research from Public Health England (PHE) found that only one fifth of children have the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Also, importantly, 57% of children said they would be more physically active if their parents were.


So while guilt-tripping you into...

Posted by in on Sep 26, 2017 .

Celebrate failure!

Exam results dominated August’s news in the UK – with 16 and 18 year olds finding out how they did, the stories are all about success, grades and getting it right (or wrong).  

GSCEs and A levels may seem a very long way off but how we, as parents, handle the pressure to succeed and our attitude towards it affects our children from a very early age.

The pressure to succeed can be damaging, both to self-esteem and, ironically, to future success. And it seems that our attitudes as parents are contagious – if we are afraid of failure, it’s more likely that our kids will be too.

Stamford University...

Posted by in General News on Sep 18, 2017 .

Have Fun With Autumn Leaves!

As the weather cools and the leaves start to fall, it’s a colourful time to play outside! We invite you to spend time amongst the trees this week and see what treasures you can find.

Here’s our guide to exploring the wonders of trees with small people this Autumn.

Leaf spotting

Do you know your beech from your birch? The Woodland Trust has a handy leaf guide you can print and take out and about. Take a look at the shape of the leaves you find, and whether the edges are smooth or jagged. Is the leaf in one big shape or are they divided into separate leaflets?

Seed Spotting

Autumn is the...

Posted by in on Sep 12, 2017 .
Welcome to spider season! 
As we move into Autumn we move into spider season! Whether you love or loathe them, September and October are the months we find more spiders in our homes as they search for mates and look for warmth.
Fear of spiders often develops in childhood, so having some spider fun when children are little may go some way to reducing the risk of fear developing. 
Here’s our tour around what’s to love about spiders and some activities inspired by them.
All about spiders! 
1. Spider webs are super-strong
Spiders spin webs to catch bugs to eat. It takes them an hour on average to...

Posted by in General News on Sep 07, 2017 .

Starting school traditions from around the world

It’s back to school week in England. If your little one is starting school for the first time this September, chances are feelings are high for both parents and children, whether that’s with nerves or excitement.

Here in the UK we don’t have much in the way of ‘starting’ traditions beyond the obligatory photo in slightly oversized uniform! The focus is more on finishing, with graduation ceremonies and leaver’s assemblies.

But starting with spirits high can set the tone for the whole year. So, we invite you to get inspired by traditions from around the world and mark the...

Posted by in on Aug 17, 2017 .

Foraging with children

There is something magical about finding food growing wild. And there are lots of foods out there to tempt us, once we start looking. With a little guidance, even young foragers can get in on the act. Late summer, as fruits, berries and nuts ripen, is a great time to start.

Safety first

It’s worth establishing some ground rules straight off to keep everyone safe. The number one thing to spell out before anyone pops anything into their mouths is that they need to check with you first. Most of the fruits and plants we recommend starting with are easily identified, but it’s wise to have an adult on hand to...