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Posted by in Advice, General News on Jan 15, 2019 .
There’s no such thing as bad weather – here’s why
There’s a Swedish saying that goes like this:
‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.’
This is one of the reasons we started Kozi Kidz – to ensure children could play outside in all weathers, safe in the knowledge they would be warm and dry.
Going outside with your children through all the seasons provides all sorts of benefits, physically, emotionally and mentally. Here are just four:
You learn to create fun with what you have
We came across a wonderful quote recently:
"Encouraging a child to go outside...

Posted by in Advice, General News, In The Press on Jan 09, 2019 .

Nature inspiration a month for 2019

January’s often a time for new year’s resolutions and making plans, and we’re no exception! Of course, we’d love the outdoors to feature more in everyone’s lives, with all the health, wellbeing and community benefits that brings. 

If you’d like to spend more time outdoors over the next year, here are some seasonal prompts for enjoying the great outdoors, whether you’re in the city, countryside or somewhere in between! 

We hope each month’s theme will give you a focus to step outside together, whether it’s for ten minutes, an hour or a day’s adventure!

January: The moon

Posted by in on Dec 11, 2018 .
Three Nature Crafts To Do with Children For Christmas
Last time on the blog we shared ways to reduce plastic consumption over Christmas. Crafts and decorations are a big part of Christmas, and can often contain lots of plastic – whether it’s shiny metallic wrapping paper, glitter on cards or embellishments on baubles. 
We’ve searched the best of the crafting sites to find simple ideas to for you to make and do with kids. Create that festive feel this Christmas without it costing your wallet or the planet. 
Pine cone animals
If you went out collecting over autumn, this is a great way to use up a stash...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Dec 11, 2018 .
Lower Your Plastic Use This Christmas
Last year David Attenborough and Blue Planet 2 showed us the devastating effect of plastic on the environment, particularly on oceans and marine life. And organisations such as Wildlife and Countryside Link estimated that in 2017 alone we threw away around 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging (the equivalent weight to 3.3 million emperor penguins). 
So here are some tips on enjoying a festive season that cuts your plastic waste, hopefully without increasing your stress-levels!
The Tree
There’s no clear-cut answer to the Christmas tree dilemma. If you have a plastic one, you...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Nov 26, 2018 .

Get outside to beat the winter malaise

It’s no secret that as winter arrives we’re more likely to hit the sofa than the hillsides. With the festive season nearly upon us, the combination of stodgy treats, gloomy days and cold weather means we’re likely to feel tired and unmotivated to get outside. 

But the key to keeping your energy lies in spending time outdoors all through the year. Read on to find out how you can stay feeling happy and healthy through the winter months with these practical tips. 

Make the most of natural daylight
As the days grow shorter, our bodies respond to the lower light levels. The lack of...

Posted by in General News on Nov 13, 2018 .
13 Ways to Be Kind Outside This World Kindness Day
13 November is World Kindness Day. The movement was started in 1988 by a collection of non-political organisations to promote acts of good deeds and wellbeing. 
The great outdoors is a perfect place to demonstrate kindness, in big ways and small, so we’ve gathered a few of our favourites here to get you inspired:
1. Walk a neighbour’s dog
Give your neighbour some time off and offer to walk the dog for them – a great way to fit outdoors into your day without the commitment of looking after a dog full time! 
2. Pick up litter
This is a really...

Posted by in on Nov 08, 2018 .

Use Technology to Lower Your Stress This International Stress Awareness Week

5th – 9th November is International Stress Awareness Week. This year, as well as breaking the taboo about stress and mental health, the movement is addressing the question ‘Does hi-tech cause hi-stress?’

We’ve written extensively on the blog about the benefits of being outside for reducing stress, so this time we thought we’d look at some of the ways using technology can help or hinder your stress levels when it comes to the great outdoors.

First, the good news:

It can make things fun
Whether it’s the world-famous Pokemon Go series, or...

Posted by in Advice, General News on Oct 24, 2018 .

Five Crafty Autumn Leaf Ideas For Half Term

‘Listen, the wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves
We’ve had our summer evenings, now it’s time for October eves’

Humbert Wolfe

As autumn sets in and the leaves fall, it’s a treasure trove for walks with the children. If you’re short of (free) activities over half term, it’s time to head outside, gather up armfuls of leaves and get crafting. 

We’ve taken inspiration from the best crafty sites out there to give you some cheap and easy ideas for beautiful autumn crafts.

Make leafy hedgehogs
This simple idea just requires paper, glue and pens. Stick your...