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Posted by in Advice, General News on Jul 10, 2015 .

- Abbey ruins over the picturesque seaside town of Whitby are reached by the seemingly never-ending steps. Counting them is fun – well, once anyway!


Global Mouse always offers great ideas and inspiration for adventures so we would like to share with you our ten top family destinations to explore in the great county of Yorkshire; there are several in and around York itself. These only scratch the surface, of course, so we’d love to hear about your favourites.

York's Chocolate Story – eat your heart out Willie Wonka! Learn about chocolate's origins and its links with York.

Eureka! The National Children's Museum in Halifax...

Posted by in Reviews on Jul 09, 2015 .

Single Mother Ahoy, a popular blogger who reviews various kids gear, shares her opinions on our Spring / Summer 2015 favourite, the Regn Kappa Rain Coat

'Great things about this coat:

  • The coat is a longer length than normal, so that if you’re at the park and decide to go on the swings, there won’t be a wet bottom! This is also handy for sitting on damp benches.
  • There are velcro straps around the wrists, so that you can make them tight enough to avoid water dripping inside the arms whenever hands are raised.
  • It’s not one of those horrible, sweaty waterproofs that just means you get soaked in sweat instead of rain; S...

Posted by in General News on Jun 24, 2015 .


Rain won’t stop play!


Here we are in June and it’s raining. As there are no rules about the weather, we can hardly be surprised. Happily, rain or shine, we love being outdoors. ‘Outdoors’ doesn’t have to mean walking the hills, of course, but just not being indoors.


At home, that might mean all being busy looking for wildlife in the garden or exploring a local park. On holiday, the options are, if not endless, certainly heading that way. There are always lots of ideas circulating through every British summer on ‘things to do when it’s raining’ and they usually mean visiting an indoor attraction but...

Posted by in Advice on Jun 19, 2015 .

'Every outdoor enthusiast knows that layering is the key to remaining warm, dry and comfortable while active. Children’s outdoor-clothing expert Kozi Kidz believes there is no reason why dressing the kids should be any different and has introduced an extensive range of high-performance gear designed especially for young walkers and campers.'

Read the full article here

Posted by in Reviews on Jun 18, 2015 .

Our Orange Uggla Jacket has been around for a few seasons but with the addition of two new colours, it has proved to be even more popular! See what the family adventure blog, Global Mouse Travels, thinks of them here.

Posted by in General News on Jun 12, 2015 .

When we watched this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from Austria, we thought ‘The hills really are alive with the sound of music!’ Those hills are a family playground, readily accessible and not just for mountaineers. Hohe Tauern National Park is Austria’s oldest and with an area of over 1800 square kilometres and home to nearly a third of the country’s entire biodiversity including some 10,000 animal species. Bordering the provinces of Carinthia, Salzburgerland and the Tirol, the landscape of Hohe Tauern offers no shortage of opportunities for exploration and recreation.


For an encounter with wildlife in all its...

Posted by in Reviews on Jun 11, 2015 .

'Daisy is now the proud owner of a gorgeous new pink stripe rain jacket from Kozi Kidz. The girls and I are all big fans of this Scandinavian kidswear brand - Evie had a set of their brilliant waterproof all in ones when she was little, and has now inherited Daisy's old rainbow stripe rain jacket which, I must comment, is still in an absolutely immaculate condition, despite being worn constantly over the past two and a half years! Proof of its durability for sure.' read the full article here

Posted by in General News on Jun 05, 2015 .

Its fine fibres not only deliver comfort and performance but also feel super soft next to skin. Those fibres are the key to the wool feeling sooooo gentle as they are so much finer than other wool fibres allowing much more flexibility of movement, sliding over skin rather rubbing against it. So, no complaints about itchiness.

Plus, they have a natural elasticity which allows them to stretch and return to shape – great for active kids!

Those active kids generate lots of heat so Merino’s ability to absorb and transport body moisture vapour away from the skin through other layers and into the open air ensures wearers stay dry...